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Work, Earn and Learn

Work for three leading companies, earn money and gain a degree at the same time.

Our Rotational Degree Apprenticeship programme is a three year structured training programme offering you an unrivalled opportunity to combine apprenticeships across three different leading companies and complete a degree at Pearson Business School

On completion of this programme you will graduate with:

  • Three years of professional work experience across our participating companies; companies offering apprenticeships as part of this innovative programme are Direct Line Group, IBM, Pearson, Tesco, Unilever and WPP's Ogilvy
  • A Business Management degree validated by the University of Kent, a top University
  • Chartered Manager status
  • No debt! During the programme you’ll be employed and paid an annual salary of at least £15,000 and have your degree tuition fees paid in full by your Home Company
  • An amazing CV full of invaluable work experience across three world leading companies. You will spend most of your time with your Home Company, but will also have a substantial secondment at two other companies giving you a rich and unique professional learning experience. Through this scheme, you’ll build up an excellent CV which will put you in a great position to compete for jobs once you graduate.
  • Confidence and personal support - throughout your programme you’ll have access to a company mentor and an academic personal tutor who will support you, so you’ll grow in confidence and develop your skillset

How it works

  • We have 10 positions available for a paid Rotational Degree Apprenticeship in Management based in London. This sponsored programme incorporating a Pearson Business School BA Honours degree in Business Management is for three years and gives you experience working at three of the world’s most respected companies. The course starts in September 2016 and ends September 2019.
  • During your three year apprenticeship you will study one day a week at Pearson Business School for a degree in Business Management validated by the University of Kent.
  • As part of the programme, you’ll complete three apprenticeships at three of our six partner companies, whilst also studying towards your degree. You will go to college one day a week and will be expected to study at home as well. 
  • As a successful applicant you will spend the first 12 months with your Home Company, 8 months at a second company, 8 months at a third company and a final 8 months back with your Home Company. During term time you will work four days a week and spend the fifth at Pearson Business School studying for your degree in Business Management, which is validated by the University of Kent, a highly respected and well ranked University. There will also be additional scheduled study and assessment days throughout the year.
  • Additionally you will be paid an annual salary (minimum of £15,000) and have your degree tuition fees paid in full by your Home Company meaning you will graduate with no debt.

What our partners say

Our intent is to revolutionise insurance again. In a fast changing world that increasingly means that developing our capability is in itself the strategy - the "how?" is becoming pre-eminent because the "what?" is incredibly hard to define precisely and will continually evolve. As a result of this we need to be able to attract and retain great talent. Therefore we are absolutely delighted to be involved in the launch of Rotational Degrees with Pearson Business School since it promises to produce exceptional graduates with a genuine edge that can make a difference in an organisation from the moment that they graduate

Mark Evans
Marketing Director, Direct Line Group

Tesco are thrilled to be part of the rotation degree trial with Pearson Business School starting in September 2016.  This is a unique opportunity for young people to combine studying for a degree whilst gaining invaluable work experience across a number of different organisations. This new approach to learning will support young people to enter the world of work with well-developed professional skills. Shaping future leaders is key to the success of our business and this trial gives us the opportunity to work with young people and develop their talent.


Alison Horner
Group Personnel Director, Tesco


Validated by

"We have launched this degree because more and more employers are telling us that their graduates are lacking in the skills needed to succeed in the world of work."89% of employers surveyed said that they value graduate hires with the right attitudes and aptitude for work, this innovative course hopes to address the balance between traditional academia and the needs of 21st century employers."

Roxanne Stockwell
Principal of Pearson College London