Guaranteed Internships

At Pearson College London, we believe that industry knowledge doesn’t, and shouldn’t end in the classroom and getting hands-on experience is a great way to boost your CV and make yourself stand out from other grads when applying for jobs in your final year. Of course, your academic success is really important, but take it from us when we say that employers are interested in the “other things” you did to grow and develop yourself while at university: attending industry days, competing in business challenges, volunteering and direct work experience such as internships. We call this the “second syllabus” and we know from our alumni that this is just as important as the degree itself in getting a great job once you graduate.

To date, our students have completed internships at a range of organisations from global brands such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Accenture; to public organisations and charities such as the Civil Service and Oxfam; to SMEs such as The Access Platform and Learnetal.

Meet the interns

Saatchi and Saatchi

This opportunity has equipped me with many skills that I will take forward with me when i graduate.

Agnes Collier, Saatchi & Saatchi

Government Property Unit

I feel the industry exposure really enriches your experience at Pearson College London.

Paloma Shakouri, Government Property Unit

Jack preston

I was able to connect with some of the most influential people in advertising and PR as well as make friends.

Jack Preston, Ogilvy

Why do we promote Internships?

  • Develop your soft skills ready for full-time employment in the future
    Time-management, organisation, communication and team-work may be skills you’re using now, but once you’re in a work environment they’re skills that become entirely different. From managing multiple projects with conflicting deadlines, to arranging and attending meeting with internal and external stakeholders to liaising with colleagues all over the world who may be working on the same project. These are the skills employers are looking for, and by gaining these during an internship ahead of graduation, you’re already taking the step to make yourself stand out from your peers.
  • Give you an insight to different industries and sectors
    Most of you will attend at least one Open Day, Taster Day or Professional Workshop before deciding on where to study so that you can get a feel for what it’s like and to see if it is the right choice for you - and choosing your career is no different. Our Guaranteed Internship scheme gives students a chance to try out a role or an industry to see if it’s what they want to do - they may realise it’s their dream job or that it’s not what they thought it would be at all. This experience may then help to shape module selections later on in the course.
  • Networking and making connections
    Most graduates don’t start making connections until they start their first job, but by getting that experience early on as a student, you’ll make connections that you may be able to utilise when you’re looking for a full-time role. If you really impress your managers whilst interning, they may consider you for a placement year or even future roles - so it’s always a good idea to connect and stay in touch.
  • CV gold
    This one is self-explanatory. The more experience you can add to your CV whilst studying, the better. This will show employers you’re committed and already have a good idea of office culture and the key soft skills for roles.

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Other opportunities

Industry placements 

As well as our Guaranteed Internship scheme, we also offer students the opportunity to take an industry placement for between 10 - 15 months in between your second and third year. This gives students an opportunity to get some excellent experience within an organisation before returning for your final year of studying.

Amy Butcher is currently taking part in a Industry Placement with L’Oreal - hear what she has to say about her placement:

I am now near to completing my one year internship placement at L’Oréal where I am a Digital Marketing Intern in the Professional Products Division. My role is specialised in CRM and SEO, whereby I manage the whole process for emails the brands send to their consumer databases and help to improve their search ranking on Google. It has been an amazing experience as you are not treated as much like an intern and more of part of the team with a lot of responsibility. I have learnt so many new skills from time management, stakeholder management to using applications such as Google Analytics, Magento (CMS) and more! For me, this has been a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in the world of work, and I’ve gained so many skills that I can take back and use in my final year.

Amy Butcher, Industry placement with L'oreal