Daniel Hulme, Business School Tutor

Daniel is a lecturer and senior researcher in Computer Science and Management Science at  Pearson College London and University College London (UCL). He teaches a wide range of subjects including entrepreneurship, business decision-making, mobile app development, software engineering, progamming, innovation, economics, human resources, managing communications and business in context. He also helps to develop our elearning, academic, entrepreneurship and enterprise activities and is Director of UCL's Business Analytics Masters degree.

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Satalia (NPComplete Ltd), a spin-out of University College London (UCL) that provides a unique algorithmic technology and professional services to solve industries' data-driven decision problems. He is also the co-founder of the Advanced Skills Initiative and has advisory and executive positions in companies across the world in the areas of education, analytics, big data, data-driven decision-making and open-innovation. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science with Cognitive Science and a Doctorate in Computational Complexity from UCL.