Juan David Zuliani

Juan David is an international educator and business consultant. For over a decade he has developed a proven track record in advising multinationals in the United Kingdom, Europe and South America; lecturing university students from every continent; and training professionals from a multitude of cultural and professional backgrounds. Juan David has created and delivered executive programs on innovation-driven strategic change to top-level managers within the Healthcare, Oil and Gas, and Skills Training industries.

Juan David's work for the British and Colombian Chamber of Commerce in London allowed him to work closely with governments and companies, such as BHP Billiton, EcoPetrol, Control Risks Group, and The National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers.

As Director of Education Programmes for Gold Mercury International, a London-based governance think-tank, he worked alongside the CEO on advisory projects with global brands such as Coca-Cola.

His research and professional interests include cultural change, innovation, robotics, enterprise risk management, LEAN organisational strategy and Agile project delivery, amongst others.