Dr Katie Best, Business School Tutor

Katie's academic research uses interdisciplinary methods to to explore how people interact at work and use organisational space. She's carried out these types of study in cultural, medical, sales and technology-rich settings. The Cultural and Creative industries are where she tends to end up repeatedly, perhaps because it fuses her personal love of art and culture with her wealth of research experience in these areas.

Her preferred methods are ethnography, ethnomethodology, and conversation analysis, with an emphasis on the visual. Katie's consultancy work uses similar methods, but tends to address a wider range of questions. Recently, Katie's been asked to help redesign two inner city hospital waiting rooms to allow patients to feel secure and comfortable, to develop understanding of cultural engagement in the London Borough of Hackney, and explore the opportunities and problems with 'tour guide' mobile phone apps. At the moment, she's also building an obsessive collective of images of A4 signs, and has a few ideas for a research project which might make use of them.

Academic Publications

Balogun, J., Best, K., and Le, J. (2015). ‘Selling the object of strategy’: How front line workers realize strategy through their dailywork. Organisation Studies, 36(10).

Best, K. (2012). ‘Strategy as Practice’, in J. Verity (ed.) Innovations in Strategic Thinking, London: Palgrave Macmillian

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Fraser, M., Hindmarsh, J., Best, K., Heath, C., Biegel, G., Greenhalgh, C. and Reeves, S. (2006). 'RemoteData: Towards Real-Time e-Social Science', Computer Supported Collaborative

Invited Presentations

‘Turning the so-called ‘Generation Whine’ into ‘Generation Shine’’, Managing Generation Y Talent, Royal Society of the Arts,26th January 2014.

‘Turning ‘Generation Whine’ into ‘Generation Shine’, Legal Education Training Group Conference, BPP Law School, November 2014.

Book reviews

Best, K. ( 2013). Branded Lives (book review). Journal of Organisational Ethnography, 2(1), 118 – 120.

Best, K. (2013). ‘Builders: Class gender and ethnicity in the construction industry’ (book review). Journalof Organisational Ethnography, 3(1), 123

Conference papers

Balogun, J., Best, K., and Le, J. (2015). ‘‘Selling’ strategy in cultural organisations: museum guides in action’, AcademyManagement, Vancouver, 7 – 11 August, selected for Best Paper Proceedings.

Best, K., and Elbasha, T. (2013). ‘Strategising everyday: Using ethnography to unpack the role of front line workersprocess’, 8th Annual Ethnography Symposium, VU University Amsterdam, 2nd – 5th September.

Elbasha, T., and Best, K. (2013). Advancing SaP research: the use of promoting ethno-methods to studyAcademy of Management, University of Liverpool, 10th – 12th September.