Valerie Amato

Valérie has studied and/or worked in four different countries (including Europe and South Africa), she holds a Masters in Management from ESCP Europe (Paris, Oxford, Berlin) and an MSc in Development Management from the Open University. After spending the first fifteen years of her professional career in international finance, where she gained extensive corporate and sovereign client-facing and emerging markets experience with major international banks, including Citibank and HSBC, she decided to transfer her business skills to the social and international development sectors, both in an advisory and leadership capacity.

She was a member of the Steering Committee for the evaluation of IFFIm (the International Finance Facility for Immunisation), and the first CEO of an international NGO focusing on maternal and child health in Afghanistan, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. She also served on the Board of Trustees of a charity and was Governor of a primary school and a Further and Higher Education college in West London.

Having studied and/or worked in various geographies, disciplines and sectors, she is a natural ambassador and advocate of cross-boundary collaboration and co-creation. She has a particularly strong interest in responsible business, social entrepreneurship and systems thinking. As an external consultant, she has advised academia, businesses and international NGOs on their stakeholder engagement and cross-sector collaboration strategies. She is also actively involved with the setting up of and contribution to innovative platforms enabling the effective alignment of business, education and social goals.

As a lifelong learner with a passion for education, Valérie believes higher education has a key role to play in addressing today’s increasingly complex and global challenges. When working in close collaboration and strategic partnerships with business and other stakeholders, it can significantly enhance its capacity to design and deliver impact solutions at scale.