A brief list of do’s and don’ts for Sixth Formers on LinkedIn

Pearson College London Students

Caroline, Student Liaison Officer at Pearson College provides an insight into the Do's and Don'ts for Sixth Formers when using LinkedIn

If you're not already familiar with LinkedIn, it is essentially like Facebook for professionals, and is an opportunity for you to present your CV to employers and make connections with people in the world of work. It's a great way for you to research your career options and to start getting the attention of employers and universities.


· Have a smart and sensible photo. Preferably dressed in a suit, in front of a light and neutral background.

· Highlight all the voluntary and extra-curricular activities you’ve been involved in.

· Describe the activities you’ve done on work experience or work shadowing.

· List the skills you have to offer. For example, if you were on the ‘leavers ball committee’ you could demonstrate team working skills, planning and organising, managing a budget and working to deadlines.

· Start following interesting bloggers and join a small number of relevant groups.


· Add people you’ve never met and have no connection with (unlike facebook, LinkedIn may stop you adding people if you get a lot of rejected requests). If you find someone you have a loose connection with, send them a message before adding them.

· Click ‘Endorse’ for people’s skills when you don’t have any connection to them in that role. E.g. Don’t endorse your Dad for project management skills, because it will be better that he’s endorsed by colleagues who have worked with him. (It’s likely your name will give away that you’re his son or daughter and not a colleague!)

· Worry if you don’t have many connections to start with, LinkedIn connections develop over time as you gather professional experience. Start with fellow students and people you’ve met through work experience and voluntary activities.