A day in my life at Pearson College

Ed Riddle

Ed, one of our Student Co-creators, has given us an insight into a day in his life at Pearson College London!

10.00am - The morning tube journey sees a check of my Google calendar which is synced with all accounts and events (my first top tip). This will most likely be supplemented by some easy morning grooves and a read of a quality newspaper; you never know when good journalism will come in handy, whether it is in the lecture room or the pub debate!

11.00am - Seminar. this is preceded by a caffeine boost from Sacred Coffee, a place I will never get tired of (my second top tip).

1pm - 80 Strand campus. I catch a bite to eat at the canteen, which is amazing value for money by the way, and catch up with my fellow students, from all levels, who are situated within the communal areas.

2pm - DCT Meeting. I attended the Degree Concept Team Meeting to act as the Student Lead on the design of a suite of new courses to be offered by the College within the forthcoming years. It is fantastic to have the opportunity to be able to consult and have a genuine influence, as a Co-Creator, on the design of the future degrees that will be offered by Pearson College London. If you ever enrol on these, let me know your thoughts!

4pm - Catch up with staff and lecturers. After the meeting I have the opportunity to catch up with the Marketing team who inform me of some of the tasks which are available for me to complete in relation to the College and to also notify them of the record amount we raised as part of British Heart Foundation’s Love Lock instillation. In addition to this, I have a quick and light hearted chat with one of my lecturers.

4.30pm - Lecture. I attend my afternoon Economics lecture which consists of my introduction for our module assignment (not one to miss)!

6pm - PCSA Meeting. I attend the termly Pearson College London Students’ Association meeting, as the Vice President, to offer answers to queries and also take note of the action points made by my fellow students from all levels.

7.30pm- Social. After the meeting, there is a customary venture to the local watering hole to let our hair down and socialise!