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All Access London is a society founded by Ryan and Jerome, two students on our BSc (Hons) Business and Enterprise degree programme. Here they tell us all about the society and the benefits of it for Pearson College London students!

All Access London is a social society that provides various events for students to get involved in and build a social platform. Since the start of all access we have expanded vastly, now we have 4 members running various events for students to gain the full student experience.

The first event that we organised was a night out in Proud Camden where we rented a stable and organised a great night allowing all the new students to get to know each other better on a personal level. Since the success of our first event we have also organised different activities such as a night at Ping, where students went to play Ping Pong and enjoyed ample amounts of pizza and a drink of their choice, this was a real success as it was an event which was very relaxed yet allowed everyone to get to know each other in a much calmer environment.

After the success of the first few events, we decided to expand the society and now we are in constant contact with various promoters and venues, negotiating nights out so Pearson students can let their hair down after a hard days work and enjoy each other’s company.

Future events that we are looking into at the moment are roller skating disco nights and also various clubbing nights in which students can let loose and have a great time after an intensive working schedule!