Applicant Day

Lydia Markwick

We know there's more to you than just your qualifications, so during our application process every student is interviewed, and some are asked to take our admissions tests.

Lydia, one of our students, shares her experience of attending a Pearson College Applicant Day:

After I finished my A-Levels I took an internship at the Financial Times and while there I came across Pearson College London. After doing some research, I spoke to the admissions team on the phone, submitted my application and was invited for an interview and assessment.

When I arrived on the day, we started with my interview. We discussed my academic and extra-curricular interests, focusing on my internship and Young Enterprise project before moving onto my reasons for choosing the course itself. For me the main attraction was the focus on the practical, industry-integrated structure and my interest was further inspired by the interviewer’s clear enthusiasm for their work and the course itself.

After the interview I was invited to sit a Critical Thinking assessment and an essay, analyzing a scenario with social and business implications. Though it seemed daunting the staff were extremely encouraging and by the time I left that evening I was very hopeful that they would offer me a place.

I didn’t feel ready to study at a more traditional institution and joining Pearson College London seemed the perfect opportunity to learn from leading business people and academics whilst in a professional environment. On balance everything seemed to suggest that Pearson College was the place for me and a year on I can confidently say I have no doubt it was the right decision.

Before I joined in September, Pearson College London kept in contact, inviting me to several induction events to meet lecturers and other students, which all reflected their friendly culture. After experiencing the application process I felt really enthused by Pearson College London's approach; they successfully make the admissions process unique and personal. The induction weekend was a great way to start the year and I look forward to welcoming the new faces that will arrive this September.