Being a Student Co-creator

Ed Riddle

We asked Ed, one of our student Co-creators, to tell us about what being a Co-creator involves, and what he's been up to so far.

As a Student Co-creator, you are a consultant and a central part of the decision making process within Pearson College London. It is a real opportunity to see your opinions regarding your degree being considered and executed in reality. Of course, anyone from any degree programme will have an opinion on their course, place of study or experience but how many of these will be involved directly with the decision makers? It brings an unexpected sense of pleasure to see others benefit from actionable points which you have recommended regarding their day-to-day education.

All of the Student Co-creators at Pearson College London have different roles, which play to their individual strengths and development needs. This means that being a Co-creator isn’t a narrow and rigid opportunity: the opportunities available to you will be individualised and far reaching. It would take more than an article such as this to explain all that I have undertaken since September 2012 but, for example, I have attended school careers fairs as a student ambassador, interacting with students ranging from pre-GCSE up to A2 level. I have also been the lead student on Pearson College London Degree Concept team, working with senior figures from the College’s industry partners while consulting on the development of an exciting new suite of business degrees. The variation and exposure in the role is fantastic; I am lending my student voice to potential future students while also making sure that the new courses being offered by the college in the future really do take account of the needs and wants of the contemporary student.

It is this genuine responsibility and influence which inspires me in the role. Also, as more Co-creators have joined there is more of a realisation that we can not only be of assistance as individuals but also as a unit. Working with the management and partners of the college is a fantastic experience but my real inspiration is the interaction with both the future and current student. I feel as if part of my duty is to attempt to inspire people to think laterally about their opportunities and make Pearson College London a realistic consideration. In addition to this, as part of my role I act as a platform for the entire student body at Pearson College London, transferring their opinions to Roxanne, the College Principal – this is one of my main priorities. You might expect that, unless you have superior time management skills, being a Student Co-creator may impact significantly on your studies. I can say from personal experience that this is not the case and the role will only push you to develop the skills further that you pick up from your studies. In addition, the College is also very sympathetic to both academic and personal commitments; an overworked Co-Creator is an ineffective Co-Creator!

Moving forward in my role, I have my role on the Degree Concept team to keep me fairly busy, alongside attending different types of fairs, where I’ll get the chance to meet and talk to prospective students. I’ll also be taking part in Media Training, which will help to prepare me for press interviews and other media activities that I’ll be taking part in later this year. This leads me onto the important point of how this role will benefit me post-graduation; the adaptive nature of the role has already assisted me hugely in the internship I undertook in Summer 2013. The ability to analyse, form coherent feedback and the other skills I’ve gained from being a Student Co-creator are skills which can be transferred into my career path, or whichever one you may decide to choose.