British American Tobacco (BAT) Industry event

British American Tobacco Industry Event

Pearson College London's neighbours on the River Thames, British American Tobacco (BAT) recently played host to a number of our Business School students, who visited for a day of presentations, discussion and a Q&A with people in various positions within the business.

They were introduced to the inner workings of BAT and spoken to about the sustainability issues the organisation faces in such an evolving market. Ethical topics were confronted as well as key business advice, and after a very thorough Q&A students were left well informed on the operations of this global corporation.

As well as listening to various speakers from within the business, the students were thrown into a networking session with some of BAT's top names, (their Group HR Director, Global Head of Brand and Global Head of Talent Development included!) and a training event to build teamwork and decision making skills - a lot of fun for the students and organisers alike.

All in all, a truly successful day was had, and with Pearson students having done their research ahead of the visit, big issues were raised and discussed with the leaders of the business.