Diary of an Intern

Hayley’s Direct Line Internship - Diary of an Intern

17th July: Hi, my name is Hayley and today I started my internship at Direct Line Group in their Digital Marketing department. DLG are entering a turbulent period by rebranding their main company - Direct Line. That’s right it’s time to say goodbye to the sweet red car. DLG are the largest insurers in the UK for individuals (as opposed to businesses) and are home to many well-known brands including Direct Line, Green Flag and Privilege.

21st July: Altogether five interns have been chosen to undertake an eight-week placement with DLG from Pearson College. We have been given a unique opportunity to work as a team to leave a positive lasting mark on the company. The task involves utilising the redundant TV screens that are dotted around the marketing floor. So far we have come up with ideas to display live train times/ traffic updates, a social media feed as well as more wacky ideas such as a leader board of the top ten coffee drinkers each month using a caffeine tracker app. I can’t wait to get stuck in!

24th July: My line manager sent me on an IAB conference on native advertising today. Native advertising is content that is written by a brand but is on a domain that is not the brand’s own. It was a great opportunity for an intern, like me, as I got to hear speakers from Google, Yahoo, Outbrain and many other exciting companies.

1st August: I love working in Digital Marketing as it is so fast-moving. Today’s task was to write a week’s worth of content for Direct Line’s Twitter, Facebook and Google+ channels. The content I have been writing around is the Direct Line sponsored drive-in cinema, ‘Lets Go’ (a voucher hub for DLG customers) and new research that shows the link between crime rates in an area and house prices. It is such a great feeling seeing my work being put to use in the real world.

4th August: Less than three weeks in and I have already been involved in many meetings, today’s was to do with the promotion of the partnership that Greenflag have with the Rugby Premiership. There were some heated discussions around what free merchandise would be given out at the events. Hats; nobody will wear them. Scarfs; it is in summer. Flags; they are a poking hazard. Foam hands? Perfect! I never knew so much thought went into choosing freebies.

There are still many things to look forward to; visiting Google with my Line Manager, the new advert launch, the completion of our intern group project. Hopefully by the end of this internship I will be a digital marketing guru!