Exceed Expectations at an Applicant Day

Applicant day at PCL

One of our lovely co-creators Ella Cox gives some top tips for success at your Pearson College application day.

Before the interview

- Check where and when your interview will take place. Make sure you book any travel arrangements and accommodation in advance. If your university has different campuses, ensure you will be attending the correct one!

- Review your personal statement and your application. Remember, this is all the university know about you so make sure you’re familiar with it too!

- Read up on a current topical issue to do with your subject. Not only will this give you something to talk about if asked, it also gives you a chance to demonstrate that you are proactive and take interest in your subject outside of the curriculum!

- Practice your interview techniques with a teacher or adviser. Ensure you cover why you chose that course and university – Remember they are looking for enthusiastic students!

- Get a good nights sleep and relax as much as possible!

Interview day

- Dress to impress! This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should arrive in a 3 piece suit but your comfiest tracksuit bottoms aren’t a good idea either! Smart casual is a good middle ground but make sure you’re comfortable.

- Aim to be early. Allow contingency time to avoid being late due to road works or any other unforeseeable event.

- First impressions count. You are likely to be in the room for less then an hour so make a good impression! Sit up straight, make good eye contact and look alert.

- Prepare one or two questions to ask them too! This shows that you are enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the university, as well as giving you the chance to find out information you don’t yet know!

After the interview

- Note down what questions were asked! This could be especially beneficial if you have other interviews coming up.

- Relax and wait for that offer!