Higher Apprenticeships and Degrees Industry Event

Pearson College London students

We recently held one of our most successful industry events to date, as over 40 people from 25 different companies converged on 80 Strand for a joint Pearson College - Pearson WBL conference on the topic of Higher Apprenticeships incorporating honours degrees.

Attendees were treated to stimulating and thought provoking talks from Rod Bristow, President, Core Markets,  Pearson, and Pearson College Principal, Roxanne Stockwell. Apprenticeships are a hot topic, even more so following the recent announcement about Degree Apprenticeships from BIS and the Tech Partnership, and the conference generated lively debates on funding and policy issues. Rod and Roxanne highlighted the benefits of universities and industry working together and how combining work experience and education can help organisations attract and retain talented staff. They were able to showcase our partnership with the BBC, where we have designed a unique Higher Apprenticeship that incorporates a Pearson College degree.

12 students are currently studying on the BBC programme. They work full-time at the BBC and study one day per week at Pearson College, working towards a degree in Business Management. At the end of the programme they graduate with a full honours degree, a Higher Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management and two years’ of work experience. Combining Higher Apprenticeships and honours degrees in this way helps break down the divide between academic study and vocational training; it offers a debt free way for students to achieve a university education and addresses social mobility issues in higher education.

We hope to build more of these degree apprenticeship programmes with our industry partners and the conference offered a rare opportunity for everyone to discuss the benefits and challenges of running such schemes. The highlight of the evening was a talk from Tamara Watson, who is a student on the BBC Leadership and Management Higher Apprenticeship programme. Tamara gave genuine insight into the benefits of combining a degree within an apprenticeship and her positivity towards this vocational higher education route was clear for everyone to see.

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