Industry Workshops

PCL students at Savills

The Savills Challenge - industry workshop at Pearson College

Emma Alison, a student at Pearson College, provides us with an insight into the recent and very competitive 'Savills Challenge', an industry event that provided our students with the opportunity to win a prize of an internship at Savills!

When Savills required some help with their Graduate Marketing campaign; who do you think they chose? In fact, the Global Property Agent sought the advice and wisdom of the Pearson College students – and they were in for a treat!

Bursting with enthusiasm, students were allocated into teams of three and given the task of critically assessing Savills’ previous graduate campaigns, whilst also providing a ‘mock up’ of how their future campaigns could look and feel. These ideas were to be presented to some of the Senior Savills staff who would award the winners with a truly magnificent prize. Firstly, not only would an internship be up for grabs, but the contributed ideas would be used to construct the genuine article – the Savills Graduate Marketing campaign of 2014.

I personally thrived on the competitive nature of the task, sparking off ideas with my peers and embracing a lot of creativity. Before this challenge I hadn’t considered a career in Marketing, but now I feel this is an area I would really love to explore.

The challenge was a truly invaluable experience as it provided a flavour of real-life commercial tasks which you simply cannot experience from a text book alone. It is experiences such as these which make Pearson College so unique, bridging the gap between the classroom and the corporate business world. Where else can you say you were appointed to help a serious player in the Property Industry?

What’s more, networking with Savills has opened new doors as I am thrilled to say I have been offered the chance to undertake work-experience within their PR department. Words cannot express my excitement and it if wasn’t for Pearson College, I doubt I would have such an opportunity. Bring on the next challenge!