Life in Halls

Life In Halls
David, one of our BSc (Honours) Business and Enterprise students, tells us how he’s found living in halls of residence so far.

I am not from London myself, so having been offered a place to study at Pearson College London; it was actually finding a place to live that worried me the most about moving here!
I decided to book with Tufnell Park Halls mainly due to the fact that Pearson College London recommended it, and because it appeared to be much more reasonable than other centrally-based student halls. Moving into Tufnell Park Halls was much easier than I had anticipated; I was happily greeted by the staff and was opening the door to my room within a few minutes (and the lift made carrying everything up much easier!). As I was only the second to arrive in the flat of five, much of the first week was spent anticipating the arrival of my flatmates; along with getting used to the washing machines and living independently!
Living with my flatmates has been really good fun the majority of the time. There is always the odd dispute over whose turn it is to keep the kitchen clean, but we all get on well. It also helps having three of us in the flat studying at Pearson College London – especially in the mornings if one of us sleeps through our alarm!
The majority of the time I tend to have meals in halls, but every few weeks the ‘Tufnell Park Pearsonites’ arrange to have dinner out together. The kitchen facilities at Tufnell Park are more than adequate (we have two big fridge-freezers between five!); and as the flats are relatively small you are nearly always free to cook whenever suits you best.

Having heard countless stories from friends and family on their take of what living in halls was like, my experience has been much more positive than I maybe anticipated. In my opinion, Tufnell Park Halls is perfect because you are given a good-sized room, small ensuite and sizeable kitchen/lounge to relax with your flatmates at the end of the day. But the best thing for me is that you can have the privacy to work when you need it, whilst making good friends that you can go out, or just chill with.
The other thing to mention is its location – a five-minute walk from the nearest tube station, and 15-20 minutes away from Pearson College London by tube makes it ideal for travelling in/out each day. For food shopping, there is either Sainsburys or Budgens within five minutes walking in either direction – although I’ve noticed quite a few flats decide to put in large online orders. There is also a large playing field and tennis courts at the back of the halls, which will be great in the summer.
I would recommend that you visit the accommodation you’re considering before booking if possible. I immediately knew that I would be happy here when I looked around in the summer; your initial instinct is often a good way of knowing whether it is the right place for you. If you do decide to book at Tufnell Park, then I’d also suggest that you ask to be put with other students studying at Pearson College London - I was glad that I did!