Life in London

View from 80 Strand

Sam, one of our Student Co-creators, tells us about his favourite things to do in London, and why he loves studying here.

If you want your student days to be memorable for all the right reasons then London is the place to be! The mere mention of living in London to anyone outside of the city limits sparks reminiscent stories of days in the capital. Pearson College is situated in the heart of London, which is a major draw for many that choose to study here. Covent Garden is just around the corner, Trafalgar Square is down the road and there’s so much more within a short walking distance; as a student in the prime of your time it’s an interesting place to study!

London of course has its ups and downs, the crowded 9am tube for one, but all is forgotten when you walk past an iconic attraction or hear a good busker on the underground, that’s when you know you’re somewhere special. When you live in London your everyday experience is the highlight of a tourist’s visit, your average week is an annual holiday for some people!

The best part of London for me is how spontaneous you can be, we have often sat in seminars in the morning with no plans for the evening, and yet by lunch time we have a whole evening planned such as a concert at the Camden Roundhouse or going to see ice sculptures being carved in Canary Wharf.

The true London experience is reserved for its residents, so if you've only ever visited London as a tourist, then the best is yet to come! Those who are willing to stray from the well-trodden tourist trail and revel in wherever they end up will be the ones to discover the truth behind the rumour of the club in Camden where you enter through a painting, or the cocktail bar in Shoreditch that really does take you on a taste journey around the world!

The size and culture at Pearson College London means that we often socialize as a whole student group, and discussing ideas over a drink in the local bar is a common occurrence. The organized parties are also phenomenal! The student led 2013 Christmas party was one to remember, everyone came away with a smile and talked about it for weeks afterwards. The student association regularly arranges various events outside of College hours; from presentations delivered by key business people to the 2014 Ski trip ‘Snow Business’.

The 5-a-side football tournaments held by the sports society also keep any footballers happy or anyone else that’s willing to give it a go. The various parks around London means that a green space is never too far away and these are also havens for cyclists and runners alike.

Nothing in London is further then a tube ride away, so come and see it for yourself; London has a lot to offer!