My Student Experience at Pearson College

London Skyline

Savannah Redhead, a student at Pearson College London, tells us about what College life in London- how she found moving to City, making friends and balancing that work-hard, play-hard student lifestyle....

As a potential student living 151 miles away from London in a small town, I couldn’t have been more worried about moving to London. It took a lot of telling myself that it’d all work out and it would be a good decision, and wasn’t I right! I moved into the student halls at Tufnell Park the day before the induction weekend, and I went to meet a few of my colleagues who were also starting at Pearson College London over a drink or two that evening. We all seemed to get on really well, and it reassured me to know that I wouldn’t have to get the tube alone in the morning to Pearson College London for the induction weekend!

After arriving at Pearson College London that Saturday morning, I felt right at home. Everybody was so welcoming and I recognised a few familiar faces who I’d met previously on my personal visit to Pearson College London. The group tasks that we partook in over that weekend really brought everyone together and got everyone talking, I really enjoyed them. In addition the formal dinner that took place on the Saturday evening kick-started the great social events that would follow at Pearson College London.

During my first year at Pearson College London, I have had some great experiences in London. Living a new life away from home has made me realise just how amazing London is as a city. You couldn’t ask for more (maybe a bit more greenery, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss the Peak District). Anyway, the life of a student involves a lot of studying, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! London is possibly one of the best places to be a student as there is so much going on, you just have to make the most of it! The social side of my first year has been amazing, I have met some lovely people and been to some great places.

As a student, of course I go out quite often! Student night on a Thursday is always on the cards, cheap drinks and good music, what more could you ask for? But the daytime has just as much to offer as the night time. I have been to Camden which was an experience in itself; I can’t say I’ve ever been anywhere quite like it. I’ve also been down to Southbank which sits on the bank of the River Thames, I would highly recommend visiting one of the restaurants or bars here, especially on a sunny day! A day in Kensington is also something that I would highly recommend, a visit to the Bluebird never fails to impress. I could go on and on, the list is endless, but they are just a few of the things that London offers by day.

And the best thing about living in London, is that despite the distance, you never feel too far away from home as your close ones are only a Skype call away. Everyone is in the same boat, so you never feel alone! (Not that you will I’m sure, everyone at Pearson College will make sure of it). The great transport links also allow you to go home quite often, without taking a big chunk out of your student loan, as long as you book far enough in advance!