My summer internship at Direct Line Group

David Porter

David Porter's, 8-week internship at Direct Line Group’s Head Office

This summer (2014) I was offered the fantastic opportunity to complete an 8-week internship at Direct Line Group’s Head Office in Bromley, a short train ride out of Central London.

I am working in Innovation within their Marketing department, which has proven to be a unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience and exposure to a number of different business units. Insurance is a highly risk-averse industry by its very nature, and the work I have been involved in has been right at the cutting-edge of the business.

During my internship, I have been involved in two major projects. Firstly, I am working on building an internal innovation framework that is being developed to encourage intrapreneurship. The innovation framework will enable the best internal ideas to be rapidly prototyped and then scaled-up to the whole business, if commercially viable.

I have been asked to run and project manage the second project myself. For this, I am working with a third party and external agency to find innovative companies providing technological solutions to key challenges currently facing the business. This has been an absolutely invaluable experience with high levels of responsibility entrusted to me, developing a number of different key skills.

In addition to this I’ve had the opportunity to attend various external conferences and meetings (including a Google conference, and meetings with Nest and Salesforce), which have all been extremely interesting, and a fantastic way of networking. Upon reflection, I could not have asked for a more rewarding internship opportunity. I am in no doubt that what I have learnt during my time here, coupled with the experience that I have gained, will greatly improve my future career prospects.