Our Own Start-Up

Yaantu, a student start up

Yaantu - A Student Start-Up

Student Lydia Markwick shares the beginning of her student start-up with fellow student Jack - highlighting the opportunities on offer for students in London and the challenges they face starting out...

Yaantu is a platform designed for companies. It motivates employees to exercise by rewarding them with a charitable donation made by their employer. Not only does it make the employees healthy and therefore happy and productive but it also helps to strengthen teams and highlight the positive impact of the organisation by promoting the various causes they invest in.

Since our first conversation in a sunny pub garden back in August it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. It’s my first time working on a project in this kind of capacity and it’s certainly pretty amazing seeing an idea become a fully working product.

It’s well known that University is one of the best places to begin a start-up and after my experience I certainly can’t argue the contrary. The student body proves an invaluable resource for honest feedback and creative solutions.

University is something of a ‘safe space’ where we have access to support and expertise through the staff and University network that isn’t available to most independent start-ups and our mentors are just one example of this. Jack and I are equally excitable and when there are so many things to do it’s easy to get pulled off on a tangent. We started meeting regularly with College staff to help us refocus and prioritise tasks that have been overlooked and thankfully it seems to keep us on track.

There are certainly days where the challenges seem insurmountable and I think University takes the pressure off us. Our studies give us a separate focus for some time and after picking the brains of students and lecturers alike we are able to return level-headed and armed with a practical solution.

Just like the jump from school to University work, running a start-up is a steep learning curve and it’s thoroughly exciting, I’m already looking forward to the ups and downs that are yet to come…

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress!