Pearson College Residential 2014

Student Selfie frame - Residential 2014

Pearson College London student and PCSA President Harry Edmonds reminisces about the Student Residential* 2014.

Pearson College London promised us an eventful Residential, and they delivered- we crammed in an awful lot in just four days. It all kicked off the Great Egg Challenge, each team created a device made from paper, elastic bands and tape to catch a falling egg. When dropped from two metres only one team’s egg broke - It’s possible we’re all on the wrong course and should be doing engineering degrees!

Monday evening saw everyone whip on their finest evening wear for our 2nd annual dinner in the very grand Picture Gallery hall of Royal Holloway. We ate and drank well before staff and students alike continued the celebrations post dinner into the night!

Highlight of the week was Geoff Mcdonald’s (Global VP of Human Resources for Unilever) talk on Purpose (sustainability) & Profit – how do you create a business where profit follows purpose? One way Unilever has been working towards this end is by moving from “marketing to consumers” to “mattering to people”. We all came out inspired – Geoff’s comment that we should not want to make a difference in the world, but make a difference for the world resonated with me particularly. With the world facing endless challenges from growing inequality to obesity – it’s crucial that we as young business leaders are consciously contributing to solutions and not worsening problems.

Thursday evening saw us put our best foot forward and get ready for champagne and canapés on the top floor balcony of our Strand office. Pearson UK Managing Director Mark Anderson joined us, awarding prizes for the various competitions during the week (including the best selfie award!). Having learnt more than I could describe and having had a tonnes of fun – next year’s residential can’t come soon enough!

*Please note, the format of the annual residential is subject to change and accommodation isn’t always provided.