Raise and Give - Student Fundraising

PCL RAG society

Nethmi, one of our second year students, told us what Raise and Give (RAG) have been up to, and what their future plans are.

Setting up Pearson College London's very first RAG society was both an exciting and challenging experience! We wanted to launch the society with a bang and raise as much interest as possible right from the start. The ideas we presented at the Fresher’s Fair sparked interest in many students and it is exciting to see how the society is slowly growing!

In the two years PCSA RAG has been running, the society has been very committed to working with and supporting the British Heart Foundation. Being an industry partner of the college and an amazing charity, we have had the privilege of working very closely with them on their Love Locks Installation event that takes place every February. It has become an annual Pearson College tradition and this year we managed to raise an amazing £1286, beating last year’s total!

So what’s next for PCSA RAG you may ask? Hopefully a lot more variety from the usual to the extraordinary! We are currently liaising with some great local pubs in London in the hope that we can sort a few termly pub quiz nights to generate some (friendly) competition between students and staff. In addition to that, we will also be working with a charity called True North that Pearson also work very closely with to help support children’s education in South Africa.

Charity work has been a keen interest of mine and something I wanted to take part in more so it has been a fantastic experience being part of this society right from the very beginning. It’s given me the chance to really understand and appreciate the amazing work different charitable organisations undertake and what could be better than taking part in all of this alongside a fantastic group of people! It’s so exciting to see PCSA RAG grow and I’m proud I was able to be part of it!