Ryan's blog - setting up our entrepreneurship project in India

Cotton Sense Project, India

Ryan, one of our students, recounts his experiences in India over the past few days whilst setting up a project as part of his entrepreneurship module:

We came from Goa, and arrived in Nagur yesterday mid-afternoon after two flights. We arrived in the blistering heat and went straight to the hotel to settle in. We couldn’t quite believe how hectic the traffic was – you’ve got to see it believe it.

Today we went with Apu and Shweta from 'No Nasties' to Chetana Vikas in Wardha (about 90 minutes drive from our hotel) and met Naranjana, who we’ve been liaising with over the course of this module, as well as the beneficiaries that we’ll be handing over the project to. We spoke to them about our objectives, and our product ideas. Tomorrow we’ll meet again, talk about finance and logistics, and come to a conclusion about how Cotton Sense will run.

I came with the expectations that the beneficiaries wouldn’t know too much, and we’d have to teach them the skills they’d need to make the cloud-shaped gift we’ve set upon. I was astounded by the knowledge they have of upcycling, and the ideas they have - they are teaching us loads!

Between the sessions, some of Chetana Vikas’ beneficiaries made us lunch. As I’ve been ill during our trip, I had a cheese sandwich, but the rest of the team had a traditional ‘Thali’ lunch, which they all enjoyed. It’s been interesting adapting to the heat but we’re all doing ok now.

Today was more of a taster, rather than being hands on, but it has set up the next few days nicely, giving us a good base to deliver our plan.