Salesforce Industry Event

Salesforce tower

Overlooking a bright, sunny London landscape, high up in London’s Salesforce Tower, 30 students attended our first Industry Event of the year, hosted by one of our Industry Partner’s, Salesforce.

Kicking off with a welcome from Paul Smith, (Senior Vice Principle and General Manager, EMEA at Salesforce ExactTarget), the Salesforce Team provided an inspiring and at times eye-opening event, with a multitude of the Senior Staff at Salesforce taking the time to speak, engage and chat with our students.

First up was Jeremy Waite- Head of Digital Strategy at Salesforce, and Twitter enthusiast. Addressing the rapidly developing and ever-expanding world of marketing technology, Jeremy reminded students about the importance of consumer relationships to business and how to ensure that relationship is nurtured over time- “Brands aren’t in charge of their brands anymore, their customers are.”

With the swift development of social media, and the accessibility of the internet via various technologies, including mobile phones, tablets and wifi, means that the success of a brand and its impact on consumers can no longer be measured by marginal gains alone- “Companies are no longer competing against each other; they are competing against speed.” Wise words from Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff.

With breaks for tea, coffee and some incredibly tasty almond croissants, students were able to chat one-on-one with Jeremy, Daniel Head (RVP Strategic Accounts – ExactTarget Marketing Cloud) and Elliot Reuben (Principle Business Consultant), whilst admiring the view from the 26th Floor of the Salesforce Tower and reviewing their notes made from the series of talks surrounding marketing technology, consumer relationships and the future trends that will dictate how brands interact and utilise this all–important ‘Big Data’.

With an insight into the future of brand communications and how Salesforce is leading the way for a new generation of real-time consumer interaction, Pearson College students left the Salesforce Tower with a new perspective on their approach to business, but the ever-growing possibilities of technology in their undoubtedly promising future plans.

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