Social Enterprise Project - Pave

James and Apoovra at the cotton farms

Our Business and Enterprise students are studying a module on social enterprise, and undertaking a project in Maharashtra, India with Pave, a social enterprise.

Pave and their partners are focused on making a conscious effort towards driving good in the society. They will be leading the project in India where our students will be working on developing a solution for farmers who are at risk of suicide after being overwhelmed by the burden of debt, and families who have already been affected by farmer’s suicides.

James and Apoorva from Pave recently visited India to meet the project partners and visit the community; James provides an insight into the module and the project that our students will be involved in:

"Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, Divine Chocolates and The Big Issue are examples of successful social enterprises. They demonstrate how business can sustainably change people’s lives through enterprise, innovation and creativity. Social enterprises are businesses that apply practical solutions to a variety of social and environmental issues. They trade principally to generate a surplus which is reinvested to further their social purpose.

Pave is delivering a practical and interactive module at Pearson College London that gives students an insight into social entrepreneurship by introducing them to the social enterprise sector.

Students are involved in a social enterprise project that allows them to apply their business knowledge and skills in developing innovative solutions to economic, social and environmental problems faced by a community of farmers in Maharashtra, India. They will have the opportunity to travel there in April 2014 to implement the solution and engage with them.

The intention of this module is to facilitate the translation of knowledge into action while raising awareness of how business can be used as a way of solving world problems."