Student Societies: Grub Club!

Student Society, Grub club

One of our many student run societies, The Grub Club, had its first meet of the new academic year! The winning cuisine, as voted by our Pearson College London fresher’s, was tasty Latin American.

We decided to choose Bar Salsa as the restaurant to hold this exciting event. It offers amazing deals and salsa dancing lessons every night of the week. Sunday was the day of choice, because it offered a free beginners dance lesson and 50% off main meals and cocktails - perfect for students.

The night itself was a great success and began with the very difficult decision of which exotic cocktail to choose, followed by a few keen salsa dancers in the group and a few not so keen observers. Nevertheless, it was massively entertaining watching some amazing professionals alongside some awkward first timers.

We then made our way through to the restaurant- all ready for a meal after the dancing. We were situated right in the centre of the restaurant, with the occasional salsa dancer bumping into our table! The food did not disappoint and went down very well with a few bottles of wine, great chat and much needed laughter.

After paying the bill, we headed into the city in search of some pudding. We may have ended up in McDonald’s with a McFlurry, but in great company. A night well spent!

"Grub Club is a great way for our students to socialise try excellent food and try culinary experiences they wouldn't have tried before... From Indian to Caribbean, cocktails to entree's- The Grub Club is a tasty treat, exclusive to Pearson College London!" Sam Burley - Student Experience Officer