The Cotton Sense Social Enterprise project in India

Will Holt, Business Programme Leader

Will Holt, our Programme Leader for our Business Degrees, is also out with us in India, and has shared his view of the first few days:

One of the things I have become acutely aware of whilst here is the impact of genetically modified cotton on farmers lives, and the damage it can do to the land and people's livelihoods across the world. The chances are that most of you reading this, and your writer, are wearing garments containing GM rather cotton. The benefits of organic cotton are far reaching, which makes this initiative so important. The students are aiming to make this a global cause in time, and big things come from small beginnings.

Good progress has been made by the students. They have a target market, a list of potential organic cotton based products, and a clear external message about their initiative, which they will be sharing with you shortly...

I'm sorry to report that one of the students, Ryan, has come down with a bout of gastroenteritis. We took him straight to hospital and he is now well on the mend!

It's not all been hard work, the weather is lovely and we've eaten very well (curry for breakfast was delicious). The students took a well earned break this evening to swim in the sea under the sunset. India is a fascinating country, cows roam the streets and beaches like kings, and I had to remove a frog from one of students bathroom this evening.

The students have also been shopping today for practical business dress over the coming days. They now have a multicoloured array of kurtas - a very light indian long shirt - pictures to follow.