The Direct Line Hackathon Finale

Direct Line Industry Event at Pearson College

The Direct Line Hackathon, the first ever at Pearson College, proved to be both a challenging and eye-opening experience for our students. Introducing them to the complex world of commercial insurance, students not only had to think on their feet, but engage with an industry completely unfamiliar to them.

Split into groups of 6, each team was given a task to help reform insurance and present a new product for Direct Line Group Insurance. It had to be innovative, creative and practical- something that would re-establish Direct Line’s goal to “revolutionise” the insurance industry.

With pizza and energy drinks to keep them going, students were invited to stay as long as necessary at Direct Line HQ, in order to fully ‘hack’ their ideas out, ready for presentations to a panel of four industry judges the following week. This time Pearson College were the hosts and it was down to the students to impress.

With only 5 minutes per presentation, our judges – Alex Dunson, Co-Founder of The Bakery, John Garnett- Director of Brand Portfolio at Direct Line Group, Emma Gray - Head of Marketing at Pearson College and George Mills, Company Builder at Arts Alliance, were inquisitive and thorough, asking in-depth and probing questions to ensure students had understood and delivered on their task.

The overall standard was very high, and it was clear that each and every student had worked hard during the task, yet there can only be one winner. Cloud Creative, a team that produced a simple yet innovative product, were crowned victors - each team member winning a ticket to the ‘Most Contagious’ 2014 conference in London.

“Winning the DLG Hack felt like a great achievement because I've felt like I've had a unique experience to have a real life insight into a business which you would not get at any other university. The Hack was a exciting event which really shows the special qualities which Pearson possesses in being able to have such a good working relationship with a hugely influential business which can provide opportunities like no other!” Patrick Jack, First year Student

Well done to everyone who took part, and a big thank you to the team at Direct Line Group, who were wonderful hosts and continue to be generous and inspiring Industry Partners. Until next time…

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