Top Ten Tips: London as a Student

PCL Students in London

If you are thinking about applying to Pearson College London and studying in London, we thought we would give you some top tips for enjoying London.

1. South Bank: South Bank is a huge suntrap until early evening and with the days getting shorter, it is certainly worthwhile taking advantage of the light evenings.

2. Camden Lock: If you are a creative soul, Camden Lock Market has become the heart of London’s creative district. Featuring some the capital’s greatest arts and crafts designers, it is definitely worth a trip.

3. Borough Market: Borough market is a unique culinary experience. Make sure to pay it a visit. It is great to just walk around (making it a free experience!) or splash out on a paella cooked right in front of you!

4. Pearson College London Student’s favourite pub, The Porterhouse: Students at Pearson College enjoy frequenting the largest pub in London. A short walk from 80 Strand, it is a great place to round off the week.

5. The Parks: The parks in London offer a welcome respite to the tall buildings which line the streets of Central.

6. Boat Trips: There is nothing more pleasant than cruising down the Thames on a late, sunny September afternoon. These trips don’t have to be expensive and are a great way to see the City.

7. Discount Suit Company: Now, I’m letting you all into a little secret here...So don’t tell anyone! There is an amazing cocktail bar, hidden behind an old suit company, in Shoreditch. It will take you a little off the beaten track… If you can find it!

8. Pop up Bars and Restaurants: There are so many different and exciting things happening in London all the time; like Pop-up bars and restaurants and so keeping track of events you want to go to is tough! I highly recommend signing up to the weekly newsletter of ‘London Pop-Ups’.

9. Boris Bikes: These are great fun! An easy way to see the city and get some exercise. Not expensive and can make a long, boring commute into a fast and exciting adventure!

10. Mrs Kibble’s Sweet Shoppe: If you have a sweet tooth, this is a ‘must-see’. Mrs Kibble’s opened in 2006 and sells all the sweets that we all remember so well from our childhood but can’t get anywhere else! Everlasting Gobstoppers? Check! Candy Necklaces? Check!