UCAS Extra 2015 - Student Hints & Tips

PCL Students

Robbie Griffey, Pearson College student, BSc (Hons) Business & Enterprise

Deciding what university to go to and whether to go at all is one of the biggest decisions that school leavers face, and many of us, myself included, are determined to make sure that they make the right choice. Luckily, if you feel you’ve made the wrong choice and want to apply to another, you can apply through UCAS Extra.

UCAS Extra offers you an additional choice of university if you decide to change your mind about where to study. I heard about Pearson College London after I had already applied to five universities and after I found out a bit more about Pearson College London, I decided that it was my best option. I already had already applied to five other universities at that point, so I had to apply through Extra.

Even though it was a risk to reject my other offers, I had already been in contact with Pearson College London, and they had guaranteed me a place, so I was confident in the fact that going through Extra would be best the best option for me. Pearson College London offered much more than the other universities that I had applied for in terms of an interesting and engaging course and incredible opportunities offered by their corporate partners, so it was a no brainer to apply through Extra.

While your story might not be the same as mine, just remember, it’s never to late to change your mind! The important thing to do is make sure that you have made the right choice and the choice that suits you best and to bear in mind that Extra is available for very last minute changes!

If you’re considering applying through Extra, bear in mind these top tips:

- Get in touch with the university that you want to apply to through Extra, they can always offer you advice and provide you with support through this process

- Make sure that you’re happy with the decision you’ve made, and get as much help and advice as you can from school or college regarding your decision

- Don’t worry too much - it will be okay! Your decision at university is not the be all and end all of your life, and there is always the option to defer or change your mind at a later date