Vice Principal, Dr Michele Russell-Westhead, delivers keynote speech

Dr Michele Russell-Westhead

Vice Principal Dr Michele Russell-Westhead was invited to give the keynote address on the Principles of Clinical Education for the British Pain Society Education Conference on Monday 24th November at the Royal College of Anaesthetists, London.

This is the UK's leading academic and clinical think tank on pain management and there was a mixed audience of medical and surgical consultants, clinical nurse speciaists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and academics. Dr Russell-Westhead is a recognised expert in the field of clinical education and curriculum development, and has contributed greatly to the academic development of staff and subject in this field.

Her lecture examined the application of different pedagogical (teaching and learning) theories to enhance student learning in clinical settings, such as hospitals and clinics. She concentrated on Bigg's theoretical concept of 'Constructive Alignment' and led a case scenario activity whereby delegates were asked to consider how this can be applied to their own work for the education of staff, students and patients. They had to work in teams to solve the pain education issue provided in the scenario and develop educational aims, teaching and learning activities and assessment processes which were thoughtfully designed, applied and evaluated, so there was alignment between the three aspects.

In the afternoon, she led a Master Class with Dr Emma Briggs, from King's College London Chair of the Pain Education Special Interest Group 'Building an Evidence Base for Pain Education' which is aligned to her own research interests and leadership within Pearson College.