Education Entrepreneurs London

Pearson College London

By David Porter, second year Pearson Business School student

How are Pearson College London students getting involved in this exciting event and why?

One of our second-year BSc (Hons) Business & Enterprise students, David Porter, has previously participated in a Start-up Weekend (read all about David’s previous blog article on; here, he explains why he believes that they are an invaluable learning experience for students. 

Firstly, what exactly is Education Entrepreneurs London?

Education Entrepreneurs is London’s second edition of Start-up Weekend entirely devoted to education (April 10 – 12th). The only brief being that ideas should be centred on improving education, whatever form that may take (the more creative, the better!).

The event is sponsored by Pearson and has an exciting line-up of mentors, alongside a high-profile judging panel from across all facets of the education sector. With students, educators, developers and designers all encouraged to participate; the weekend will be packed with talent.

You can read all about it (and purchase any remaining tickets) on the Education Entrepreneur's website.

Why do you think Startup Weekends are such great experiences for students?

Personally, I learnt so much from the FinTech Startup Weekend that I attended last year. It gave me a unique opportunity to truly understand and experience the entrepreneurial world first-hand. Whilst it was undoubtedly one of the most intense and challenging weekends I’ve ever experienced, that’s also what made it so inspiring.

In addition, the weekend allowed me to put into practice many of the principles and tools that I’d been taught at Pearson College London – everything from building a business model canvas to using a scrum methodology of team working.

It’s definitely inspired me to ensure that other students have the opportunity of a similar experience.

How are Pearson College London students getting involved?

We were lucky enough to be able to secure sponsorship for four tickets through Pearson, and the Pearson College Students’ Association. The only challenge was deciding who they should be awarded to! Luckily, the perfect opportunity presented itself in the recent ‘Marketing Mix’ competition.

For this, first year business students spent a semester developing an innovative business idea in small teams; including an advert and full marketing proposal. They then pitched their ideas to a panel of esteemed experts from academia and industry, who had the difficult task of judging the teams and deciding on a winner!

Ashley, Alisha, Barbara and Jasmin delivered an extremely professional pitch with an intriguing idea for storing apps in the cloud, called ‘cloud cupboard’. As the winning team, they will all be attending Education Entrepreneurs London in a couple of weeks.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Alisha’s blog on their experiences at Education Entrepreneurs London…

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