Agilopolis - working in agile scrum teams

Professional Accounting Taster Day

By Hayley Hewett, second year Pearson Business School student

Agilopolis: We built a town!

For our final Business Decision Making (level 5) session with lecturer Daniel Hulme we were given the unique opportunity to learn about how agile/scrum teams operate in the workplace. Joined by a handful of enthusiastic level 4’s the session was delivered by Andy Sales - Agile Coach at Pearson - and involved an exciting exercise where, in teams of five, we were challenged to build a town made of Lego in 24 minutes. At first the task seemed near impossible, but after some agile training we were eager to get stuck in and put the technique to the test. We were totally surprised at how effective working with “inspect and adapt” feedback loops was. Some key takeaways from the session include:

 - More realistic estimates based on our past achievements. This is an important skill to learn in any area of life, especially as when it comes to revision for out summer exams!
- Scrum is fun – admittedly, playing with Lego will always be entertaining, but Andy’s energy coupled with the satisfaction that we felt from seeing our constant improvement kept us motivated the whole way through.

To be taught such a cutting-edge and relevant skill really highlights how different it is to study at Pearson College, preparing us for the world of work in a great way.

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