Global Industries - Day 1

Day 1 with the Global Industries team in Goa

By Ben Hughes, Vice-Principal (Academic Delivery) at Pearson Business School

Day 1 in the Global Industries household

So, arrived in Goa yesterday not long after our hardy global industries students, who had impressively made the journey from Mumbai (or Bombay as the locals here still stubbornly seem to refer to it) to Goa by road after the "preponement" [sic] of their flight. Those who have travelled on Indian roads and lived to shiver reflexively to tell the tale will know exactly how impressive this was.

We were then thrown immediately in at the deep end - and alas I'm not talking about the pool - as we launched in on a four hour workshop with Apu and Shweta, who head up our local partners, No Nasties. During this session, we learnt all about the mission of No Nasties - to alleviate the plight of farmers in Maharashtra province, and the associated ills of unsustainable GM farming and child labour. No Nasties aims to do this through an ethical clothing range, made from the purest cotton. Social entrepreneurship at its best. Coming soon to 80 Strand on my return....

Over the next fortnight, our students' mission will be to create a strategy to internationalise this product offer, using the skills and know-how learnt and developed over their last nine months of study on the Business Management and Global Industries degree at Pearson College and applying them in the Indian business environment.

Having absorbed all this, the mood was lightened through a game of "Mafia" - roughly an Indian village equivalent of wink murder - before we decamped to a local restaurant - the students in the safety and comfort of a pre-booked taxi; Apoorva and I rather more perilously on the back of scooters driven with varying degrees of skill by James and Sam. Not so easy riders....

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Day 1 in Goa with the Global Industries team from Pearson College London