Make the most of your summer

Hayley Hewett, Pearson College London student

By Hayley Hewett, second year Pearson Business School student

With exams just around the corner your stress levels may be heightening. We have found the best way to keep motivated over the next few months is by having something exciting to look forward to. In order to squeeze the maximum fun out of your summer you should think of what your goals are and then plan how you are going to achieve them. Here are our favourite ways to spend summer:

Intern: Don’t underestimate yourself, as year 12 or 13 students you have a variety of skills that can add value to any company. Many large companies offer internships to school leavers but this is not the only ways to get experience in business. Your school Careers Advisor will have relationships with local businesses that they can put you in touch with. Ask your family and friends if they have any business links that may be relevant to you.

Get a job: Money! Cash will inevitably come in useful to spend on holidays r festivals over summer but jobs are also useful for gaining vital skills. When I began University I found that my summer job taught me the essential skills of teamwork, leadership and time-management. Head over to student jobs to find out more -

Learn a language: A degree in business opens up many doors for a career in a multinational company, knowing a second language (even if it is just the basics) will help you stand out from the crowd. There are many summer language courses available in London but it is easy to learn for free with the help of the Internet and the library. YouTube is host to many videos that teach the basics of languages in a friendly way, you can also learn on the go by downloading Podcasts. ‘Coffee Break Spanish’ is my personal favourite and is available for free on the iPhone podcast app.

Volunteer: Instead of lounging around all day, offer your help to a charity and get a warm fuzzy feeling back in return. At Pearson College London, we support the British Heart Foundation and the Big Issue, check out their websites for exciting events that you can take part in.

Get to a festival: The UK is a hotspot for exciting festivals, from Reggae to Electronic music, there is sure to be something to suit you. Apply to volunteer at a festival and you will get your ticket for free, a couple of hours of work is a small price to pay for a unforgettable weekend.

I hope we have inspired you to learn new skills and make some great memories this summer!

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