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Once Upon a Doug - our social enterprise project in India up and running

By our Social Enterprise students at Pearson Business School

Whilst in Goa the students have been working on various tasks to progress the project with their partners, No Nasties. The students have given a brief update on the work they have been doing.

Creating a Book – Emily Tabbernor, BSc Business and Enterprise

After Jeremy Waite took the time out to spend his evening in one of our social enterprise workshops we were introduced to the idea of writing a book about Once Upon A Doug. This allows us to tell the story of Doug in a compelling way that can truly engage the consumer of Doug. In light of this, we have spent time brainstorming ideas about what elements are important to include and how best to tell these stories, compiling content to include such DIY Doug, and delegating chapters to be written by different members of the Doug team and our partners.

Developing the website – Robbie Griffey, BSc Business and Enterprise

One of the main tasks I have been working on and wanted to discuss whist being in Goa was the projects website. Currently we have two, one which tells the story of the project really well and one that holds the content of the blogs and messages we write. We have been able to sit down as a group and with Apurva and Shweta from No Nasties and really work out what our website needs to provide and what the best way to do this would be. We’re now working on merging the two sites and adding features which will shape the brand for the future. 

Starting a Kick-starter campaign – Simon Moore, BSc Business and Enterprise

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign as it covers two key things that we are looking to achieve; raising awareness and selling Dougs. As kickstarter is such a large platform it will allow us to achieve greater publicity to raise short-term funds which can be reinvested in the project. 

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