Top tips for revision and exam success

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By Ella Cox, first year, Pearson Business School student

Top Tips for Revision and Exam Success.
Exams - The dreaded time is coming up before many of us sit GCSE, A-Level and University exams. I know for me, this is the worst time of the academic year! Trawling through pages and pages of information and finding a way to retain all of this information - practically impossible right?
WRONG! Here are a few of my top tips to proactively revise and therefore achieve what you deserve in your exams!

1. Find a space in which you are not going to be distracted - if you're like me and don’t need to look very far for a reason to procrastinate then you need somewhere where you can limit the potential distractions! Instead of revising in your room, why not try the kitchen table or even outside if it is sunny! Make sure this space is quiet and has limited distractions!

2. Make sure you have everything that you need before you start! Whether this is a pen and paper, laptop, text book or class notes, you don't want to have to stop after 5 minutes to go and retrieve that worksheet you did!

3. Have a plan of what you want to do and in how long! Sticking to a time plan can be a challenge but also motivation! If you only need to do 40 minutes on your most dreaded subject you might as well just get it over and done with! It also ensures that you have covered everything you need to know for the exam!

4. Study in an effective way for you! Just because your friends are producing pages and pages of spider diagrams for their revision, this may not work for you! I know that I have to make notes and keep condensing them until I can remember it all but a colourful poster would do absolutely nothing for me! Don’t waste time on things that aren't useful!

5. I know its tempting but don't revise all of the bits you know first. It can be a great confidence booster along the way when you find things that you know but that wont help in the long run! I find it best to start from the beginning of the module I’m studying for in the order we learnt it! That way all of the information follows!

6. Get members of your family and friends to help! Whether it is a quick fire round of questions or and in depth discussion, this will help you to establish what you know and what you need to work on!

1. The night before the exam, make sure you have a good night's sleep and relax! It is okay to do one final read through of notes but don’t get caught up on the little things you don't know! If you don’t know them now, the chances are that you wont learn them over night!
2. In the morning have a good breakfast - weetabix are my favourite pre-exam breakfast! Leave in plenty of time to ensure you get to the exam centre with as little stress as possible!
3. Don’t let other people stress you out! When I used to get to college for my A-Levels, there were people reciting things that I had never even heard of before and started to panic! They may have a different revision technique to you or could even not even be saying the right thing!
4. In the exam stay calm, keep to a time limit and read the question carefully! I found it useful to take in a highlighter and recognise the key words and really understand what the question was saying! Answer the question it’s asking - not the one you want it to ask!
5. After the exam, don't discuss the answers with other people! You cant change it now and it will only stress yourself out!

GOOD LUCK WITH ALL OF YOUR EXAMS! For any questions on revision or exam technique, contact us via twitter @Pearson_College #ASKPEARSON

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