Goa, Goa Gone

No Nasties by the pool

By Ben Hughes, Vice Principal (Academic Delivery) at Pearson Business School

If a week has been a long time in politics-addled Britain, it has passed by at the speed of a Goan taxi driver here in India. You will recall from last week our GI (Global Industries) students' mission - to internationalise the No Nasties' brand and whip up an international storm in a T-shirt. No easy task, but our doughty GIs set about their elongated Apprentice-style challenge with gusto - our partner Apu adding a dash of Indian spice and all things nice in place of that nasty Sir Alan Sugar.

Each day our students presented a different aspect of their work,whether it be Jordan's analysis of Fair Trade; Emma's spotlight on Monsanto - the world's leading producer of GM seeds and alleged sower of some of the main nasties Apu's company is trying to combat; or Hannah's research into ethical vodka (who knew?).

And having laid the foundations, the team have started the hardest but potentially most exciting part of all - trying to make some international sales. The social media strategy is in place; the house style has been created; and the group's contacts have been scoured. Everything is set for next week's assault on the international market. Can we do it? Jess we can. Are we daunted by the challenge? Tino we aren't (all right all right, but you try it.....).

But sadly, I won't be there to see it, as I type these words from a crowded Goa Airport, reflecting on what a privilege it has been to bea part of such a fantastic project. Many thanks to James and Apoorva who have done such an excellent job in creating this experience for the students. To Sam for putting up with my howls of anguish from the back of his scooter. And finally to all the GI students, for welcoming a bald middle aged man with dubious dress sense into their group and allowing him to inflict '90s music on them in the wee small hours of this morning. Don't Luke back in anger, I heard Yusuph say, as the door closed on Isha Villas for the last time and the departure gate opened.

And remember, if you get an email from someone trying to sell you a Fair Trade T-shirt next week, that if in the comparatively affluent UK we may see little evil and indeed hear little evil, we can all do NoNasties.

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