My week at Salesforce

Salesforce internship

By Sophie Preece, first year Pearson Business School student

I was part of a team with four other first year students who were successful in securing a week’s internship with Salesforce. To secure the internship we had to present a 60 second pitch of what area we might want to go into and why we would be good at that role. It was much harder than I thought and there were some challenging questions afterwards.

We decided to work on a project together and we ended up creating a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Survival Guide. Having spent time researching the industry and the challenges that marketers face we came up with a guide that included tips on how to embrace these challenges along with key shifts within the industry.

The first three days were mostly planning, researching and formatting what we wanted our guide to look like. We spent two days working through reports, collating and validating statistics and coming up with our 12 tips to help CMO’s as well as mapping out the content of the guide. The final day was piecing it all together and finalising the template and text. This guide will be available to all Salesforce employees and their clients as well as being translated into 6 different languages!

Our guide was launched on the 28th April 2015 during one of Salesforce’s monthly webinars, where our host, Jeremy, introduced what we’d done and talked through how CMO’s can use this to help them move forward.

Anyone within Salesforce or any of their clients were able to join the webinar. I’m not sure what particular sector of business I want to go into yet but this internship gave me a better insight in to the world of marketing and sales. It was amazing being immersed in this environment and observing life in their London headquarters.  Spending the week with Salesforce has definitely made me want to work with them and I would like to apply to work with them on a summer internship next year.

This internship has definitely improved my future career prospects, from the skills I developed, the people I met and just becoming more aware of what it is like to work in an office environment. A lasting impression I will have from this week was the knowledge, enthusiasm and passion that our host Jeremy Waite had for Salesforce and his work. It was very inspiring and made us all very excited about any future prospects of working with Salesforce again.

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