Pitching to Salesforce


Whether you use their CRM software, have heard about the plethora of awards in their trophy cabinet, or have been told about the legendary fish tank at their London HQ, you'll be aware that Salesforce are one of the most innovative and progressive technology companies on the planet today.

We had the pleasure of welcoming senior members of the Salesforce team to 80 Strand; as 27 Pearson College students presented for 60 seconds each, to prove themselves the best fit for one of five coveted internship positions at the company. The students that secured an internship have provided us with an insight into the unique event!

Chloe Hewett
The opportunity to pitch at salesforce was really the culmination of reasons why I chose to come to Pearson College London. Never having done a pitch before, I was really nervous but I made sure I practiced lots so I could portray to the Salesforce team how much I wanted to work on a project with them. I never dreamed I would get an opportunity like this so early on into my degree and I aim to fully embrace it. The pragmatic and innovative nature of Salesforce ties in really well with the ethos at Pearson College London and I know that I am going to thoroughly enjoy the challenge.

Francesca Ferguson
The Salesforce event was exciting, challenging and nerve-racking. Presenting has never been my strong suit, however, allowing an opportunity like this to pass by was not an option. I am very glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and competed for an opportunity I deeply wanted. Jeremy, Fletch and Marian have a creative, professional and energetic aura about them, qualities that were infectious and relaxing to those in their presence. Having the opportunity to work with Salesforce is a privilege. It will be inspirational to gain insight into the operations of one of the most innovative companies, work on a project that is related to my career aspirations and to see first-hand how they continue to reinvent CRM in the cloud.

Sophie Preece
The Salesforce event was thoroughly exciting and challenging. It was an amazing opportunity to present to Jeremy, Fletch and Marian and to listen to the outstanding presentations by the other candidates.  Having the chance to work with Salesforce is a unique opportunity and one I can't wait to begin. Being at the forefront of the industry, being able to widen my knowledge of CRM software and how Salesforce helps their clients make their processes more efficient, understand and utilise their data better is an exciting prospect. Having visited Salesforce back in November I am very much looking forward to returning.

Personally this experience has been invaluable. I struggled with just choosing an area to focus my pitch on; in the end I went with my passion, mobile technology and I fine tuned my presentation. When they announced my name it almost didn't register and I think it's still settling in!  The chance to work on a project with Salesforce relating to my personal passion barely five months into my first year at university is just mind blowing, ‎I believe it truly captures the essence of what Pearson is trying to achieve and I plan to make the most of this opportunity both for my personal growth and as an example for the Pearson College London students of the future.

Adam West
"Having visited Salesforce last term, and having gained an insight to what they do and how they do it - the challenge was pretty much un-missable. It was a hugely valuable experience to prepare, pitch and present in front of some of the leading minds in their field. Although incredibly nervous, the scale of the opportunity was a driving force that motivated me to prepare well and hopefully that was visible in my pitch and answers. The feedback they gave to everyone was really helpful and i’m sure we’ve all come out the challenge confident, inspired and ready to face the world in front of us. The innovative nature of the company as well as their success with so many day to day companies presents an opportunity which as a first year student, is a real privilege. The event itself is indicative of Pearson College London's excellent industry engagement and ability to provide students with amazing opportunities with the world's best, so I thank them and the willingness of Salesforce for the great opportunity that lies ahead."

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