The work begins on the Global Industries internship

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By Sam Burley, Student and Alumni Experience Associate at Pearson Business School

With an ambitious schedule set out from day one, the students have gone through a rollercoaster of highs and lows. They’ve had successes in the form of valuable new insights in their given countries and also experienced the inevitable exhaustion that comes with working so hard in another climate and culture. 

The students have really risen to the challenge not only metaphorically but also physically with a yoga session for those that want it at 07:30 with Apu, a common feature of the working day in India.

From there the students start work over breakfast, with the days plan being set out and over night insights shared. The first few days have been research based with students in teams looking into their given countries, the first aim being to find stockists in their countries, with the bar being set high; the goal being to find 80 potential stockists. An innovative use of social media is helping them achieve this proving it can be a useful business tool. 

The days are rounded off with presentations from each of the 3 teams on what they have accomplished in the day. Once 5pm comes it has the feel of a newspaper company with students frantically trying finish up chains of thought and put then in a presentation before they go to press and present at 6pm. The wisely set deadline leaves enough time to hurry to the beach to catch the sunset and reflect on the day just gone, and what’s to come!

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