Pearson College London students visit Unilever

Dr Michele Russell Westhead, Pearson College London

On LinkedIn, the most ‘job searched’ companies are as follows...
1) Google
2) Apple
3) Unilever

Keep this in mind, when considering how golden an opportunity our recent industry visit was, to number three in the list, multinational consumer goods giant – Unilever.

Forty Pearson College London BSc (Hons) Business and Enterprise students visited Unilever's London headquarters (The Unilever building; just down the Thames from 80 Strand) earlier this year to soak in some wisdom from a handful of their top representatives.

A brief history lesson kicked the day off, with students being introduced to the Unilever way of thinking, how the company’s founder William Lever, planted the seed for the modern day Unilever ethically driven approach to marketing; helping people to look good, feel good, and get more out of life.

By colleagues and the industry in general, Unilever is considered one of the best advertisers on the planet, and after the aforementioned intro, the day progressed with their marketing experts presenting case studies, one of which was the famous Dove ‘love yourself’ campaign which in it's various shapes and forms went viral just last year.

Some group activities on brand development followed, and to round off the day students were given the opportunity to chat (over free Ben and Jerry's) with those on the Unilever Grad scheme, truly an invaluable networking opportunity that allowed students to look through the other end of the telescope when it comes to understanding and applying for Graduate schemes themselves.
Being an observer to the proceedings, there were two things mentioned in particular resonated with me after this talk, and they are two things that I feel are embodied by the work-hard, play-hard attitude of Pearson College London students and the various projects they are immersed in...

- Keep running, keep creating and keep innovating from what you did the previous day.
- The best skill you can bring to work is your humanity, you can learn the rest.

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