My Direct Line Group Internship


By Francesca Ferguson

A day in the life of a Social Media Marketing intern for Direct Line Group (DLG) is a varied one. Having made my way across the beautiful London landscape to the DLG headquarters, I’d jump on Brandwatch (an analytics platform on the Salesforce marketing cloud) and monitor DLG competitor campaign activities before the daily morning team brief. 

To name a few of the objectives of a social media team in an insurance industry is to increase brand awareness and reputation, support marketing campaigns and quickly engage with potential and current customers. This all housed under the roof of digital marketing. Never did I think I would work in the insurance industry, but having done so, I’ve discovered that social media within insurance is quick, reactive and challenging. No day is the same, and time moves at a rapid pace. 

The main project appointed to me was to develop and implement a measurement framework designed to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the social media output for DLG brands; Green Flag and Direct Line. This was a large yet realistic task that positively challenged me. In order to complete this it was essential for me to liaise with multiple departments, communicate with team members and understand campaign objectives. 

Working as the social media analyst intern also meant that I assisted my team wherever necessary. This included a variety of tasks such as liaising with agencies and supporting my manager, editor of Social Media, by putting together and distributing the weekly social media snapshots to numerous teams. This was a weekly piece of analysis that heightened internal communication and proved to have important insights for a variety of teams.

As a dog owner and canine enthusiast, one of my favourite tasks was to assist the team on the Fit Fred campaign, a marketing campaign to help reduce canine obesity. My responsibility was to scour social media for dog related bloggers with the right image and personality, in order for them to beta test Direct Line Group's new dog walking app and promote it via a social media competition. I’m happy to say a selection of the bloggers I found went live and received hundreds of entries. 

My Direct Line Group Internship

Every day I was sat amongst a variety of digital marketing teams, from Affiliates to SEO and PR. Therefore not only was I able to learn about the operations of social media marketing, but I gained a much better and clear understanding of other digital marketing teams. These are invaluable business insights that are applicable to my course. 

When working hard, you can reap the rewards. At DLG it is clear that professional development is encouraged and supported. Throughout the duration of my internship I was allowed to attend numerous workshops, webinars and even an advertising conference! All of which helped my daily work and inspired me for the following academic year.

Now I’m back at university and studying my second year at Pearson College London, it is clear to see the immense benefits gained from doing an internship in my first year. I understand and can apply first-hand knowledge to business scenarios and have more confidence when networking with companies and people of influence on our industry days. The sense of belonging, of being valued and being part of a successful team made the internship so worthwhile. It has also fed the fire in me to be ambitious and strive for success.

Time flies when you have fun and my 10 week internship went by rapidly. Social media is involved and assists multiple departments making communication skills essential. Having worked hard and quickly developed my skill set, I felt part of a valued team and my last day came around far too quickly. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount and develop critical thinking skills applicable to my studies, I also networked and made contacts that are both inspirational and influential to my future. 

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