Our internship with the Pearson Product Lifecycle Team

Savannah and Simon

We caught up with our final year Business Management Degree students Savannah and Simon to ask a few questions about their Summer internship with the Pearson Product Lifecycle Team. Read on to see how they got on! 


Savannah, can you tell us a little bit about your Summer internship?

My summer internship with Pearson was with the Product Lifecycle (PLC) team. You may be thinking what is the Product Lifecycle, the Product Lifecycle is a framework which helps develop products faster to market, with less investment, with a lean approach making them very much customer centric. The team is not just based in the Pearson London office, there are also members of the team in the US and also Zimbabwe, which always meant arranging meetings wasn't always as easy as you would hope! Simon and I supported the team with a number of tasks whether that be data cleansing, writing blogs, attending Train the Coach sessions or bringing in a tasty baked cake to go on the Chief Product Office (CPO) food desk to make everybody's afternoon!

During our time with the PLC team, we really felt like we had contributed to the roll-out of the Product Lifecycle in work that we did for the team. Three months flew by and was over too soon, but we have told the team that we'll stay in touch and they have offered to support us in a number of ways in our future studies.

Simon, what was daily life like on your internship?

The daily life of our internship consisted of getting up early each day (something which I am not used to doing!) and heading over to Pearson’s headquarters, 80 Strand. The first order of the day was a daily stand up with the UK team as everyone briefed each other what their aims were for the day ahead. Once done, Savannah and I would be given tasks each week to work on which we would then be reviewed on. We were responsible for the introduction of the Product Lifecycle newsletter which would be distributed across Pearson Global. 

Savannah, do you think the internship has given you insight into the world of business?

Doing an internship with Pearson up on the 9th floor gave me a rather big insight into the business world. Seeing the development of the Product Lifecycle roll-out over the three months I was there, and the impact that it was already having in terms of how product teams were changing the way in which they developed and created products was really interesting and in a sense quite amazing. Actually seeing the Product Lifecycle 'coming to life' and impacting the wider organisation made me feel a sense of success, never mind the PLC team, especially those who had been working on it right from the start! Even though I really enjoyed my time on my internship, I think that I'd prefer to work for a medium-sized corporate (in the longer term) as opposed to a large one. I just feel that working for an organisation that has over 40,000 employees would make me feel like a little fish in a large pond, so the internship has been really beneficial from that perspective!

Savannah and Simon

Simon, how do you think the internship will help you on your final year on your course?

Doing a three month internship at Pearson allowed me to fine tune my skills which I had learnt during the two years studying at Pearson College London. It also gave me great insight into the world of large corporations and how it operates. Being part of the PLC team was also a great experience as it demonstrated how difficult it is to change the internal thinking and processes of an organisation with over 40,000 employees!

And Simon, any interesting observations that you made whilst on your internship?

The PLC team was split into two main teams. The US team and the UK team. Each day there would be a daily stand-up between the two to keep everyone up to date on what was being done. This system did present some challenges but the technology of the 21st century allowed cross collaboration which would of just not been possible 20 years ago. 

Finally, what would you say are your lasting impressions?

Savannah - To summarise my time with the PLC team, I honestly couldn't have asked for a better team to do my internship with (and no I'm not just saying that, they were absolutely wonderful!) They made us feel like we were part of the team both in and outside of the office (as we got invited to a number of their socials) and supported us throughout our internship. I'd like to thank Chris Locke (the Global Lead for Training of the Product Lifecycle) for providing us with such a great opportunity which provided me with some brilliant and useful work experience. 

Simon - My lasting impressions is that I have realised how important doing an internship is. It really allows you to hone in to what you want to do in the future and test your skills that you have learnt throughout the year. 

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