Co-Creator Blog: Abbas Ali

Abbas Ali, Co-creator

I applied to become a Student Co-Creator, as I wanted mediate with the course leaders and tutors to fine-tune the delivery and improve our student experience. By providing feedback on the programme content, suggesting ideas for future development in both the programme and student life, consulting with employers and academics on the design of the programme.

As a Student Co-creator, you are a playing a key consultancy role and you are a central part of the decision making process at Pearson College London. It is a real prospect to see your views regarding your degree being considered and executed in reality. 

It's a straightforward application process; once UCAS have confirmed your place you then take it from there. The first step is a personal statement to the Head of Admissions, Steven Wallace, outlining your individual attributes and what you would bring to the role. Applicants are then shortlisted and are invited to the assessment day.This is where your suitability for the role will be assessed. You’ll be asked to do some group exercises and present back to the Pearson College London senior management team. 

Abbas Ali and Kanbar

What I have been involved with since becoming a co-creator:

  • Attending a monthly Student Co-creator meeting
  • Producing an annual review (communication process at PCL-2016)
  • Contributing to our marketing materials and activities, to make sure the student voice and experience is truly reflected, featured on the YouTube page
  • Giving interviews or comments to journalists and other media professionals
  • Taking part in College meetings
  • Speaking/helping out at open days, personal visits, school and College visits and UCAS fairs
  • Planned and executed social media campaigns
  • TBC (planning two lectures working with the U.S Ambassador to Britain and the former head of the human rights team in Iraq)

Every year, we choose Student Co-creators to help shape our degree programmes. Fancy becoming one? Find out more here 

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