Co-Creator Blog: Benjamin Thomas

Benjamin Thomas, Co-creator

On the 12/07/2014, I accepted an offer from Pearson College London to study Business Management & Finance at their business school. After accepting this offer, I was invited to apply to become a Student Co-Creator and I successfully completed the assessment day to be awarded this role. 17 months down the line, I have embarked on an incredible journey which has surpassed all expectations so far. 

Whilst I knew that I was joining an exciting and innovative institution delivering a degree program in 'the new way', I would never have thought this role would have allowed me to encounter the things I have. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of these experiences to date.

I was drawn to the position because of the prospects it offered; the opportunity to learn and develop skills that would make me a more viable candidate within the industry, and the chance to impact an institution that was newly established and constantly developing. I felt that in this way I could impact the progress of the university, influencing its future whilst encountering a huge variety of different roles and responsibilities along the way.


The application day exposed me to an entire spectrum of emotions; from excitement at visiting the impressive headquarters of Pearson to feeling nervous of the unknown. I was very quickly put at ease however by mixing with the current Co-Creators at the time and the academic team. I will never forget this day as it is the day I was introduced to Benjamin Britton! The day began with a personal statement limited to only 140 characters, providing a quick fire introduction to the other candidates. An apprentice style group challenge followed which assessed our ability to promote a new degree for Pearson while working in small teams. A professional pitch was required at the end of this to all that attended the day. 


As a Student Co-Creator I am actively engaged in assisting the university to shape the course design and student experience. The role includes a diverse range of tasks including college promotion and marketing, student recruitment, quality assurance and enhancement of the student experience. One of the many highlights was having the opportunity to travel to Belgium where I was part of a small team who delivered workshops and discussed student life to potential future students of PCL. This is the aspect of my role that I find most fulfilling; proudly promoting the institution I attend. There are however many smaller roles that take place as a Co-Creator behind the scenes which keep the university running smoothly, which can be as simple as clearing a classroom or being a listening ear for a student in need. All of these activities and opportunities that I am involved in make the role fulfilling and worthwhile, and I would recommend it to any future students of Pearson Business School. 

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