Co-Creator Blog: Harry Edmonds

Harry Edmonds, Co-creator

I applied to be a co-creator as I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to expand my skill-set and competency as a young businessman. I'm always looking to be learning and so this was a no-brainer.   

What was the application process like?

My application process was primarily based on a team workshop day, where with other potential co-creators we had to complete a marketing campaign for the brief given to us, in two hours then present back to Pearson College London management and current co-creators. It's always tough working in groups with people you don't know but it was fun, I really enjoyed it and later became good friends with those in my group. 


In over two years as a co-creator I've done a wide variation of projects and tasks all adding to me experience and developing new skills you can't learn in the classroom. I helped design and produce the 'Inside Guide' brochure on student life; have been interviewed by journalists; given talks and am currently working on a research project. 

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