Co-Creator Blog: Sophie Preece

Sophie Preece, Co-creator

The Co-Creator scheme is an excellent opportunity for those who want to go above and beyond their course and to have the chance and to have an insight into how Pearson College and Higher Education works.

I decided to apply for the Co-Creator scheme for numerous reasons:

For the chance to be more involved in college life, to be part of shaping and developing Pearson College and the student experience, to learn new skills and to meet and work with other people not on my course. Pearson College is the future of higher education so to have an integral role in its development and to work with staff, students and other institutions is an invaluable experience.

The Application Process 

It's a simple application process where once you have been offered a place to study from PCL you can then apply to be a co-creator. The first step is writing a personal statement about why you would like to be considered and what you could bring to the role. A shortlist of successful applicants are then invited to an Assessment Day. This is where your suitability for the role will be assessed. You’ll be asked to do some group exercises and present back to PCL senior management team. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and even if you are not successful in the Assessment Day it is still a very good experience and a chance to meet a few fellow students before you start.


The role

When I first started as a Co-Creator there were several different areas we could participate in. I volunteered to take responsibility of the blogs/ vlogs and schools outreach. This involved writing numerous blogs about different events that have happened at Pearson and on various themes, such as healthy living while at university, meeting our students and athletics with the University of London. I have also helped at UCAS fairs for sixth form students, a Young Enterprise day at Westminster College and at many open days here at PCL. 

However, the role has now evolved into a more research based role. I am still carrying out the responsibilities I had before but we have now been allocated different projects in small groups where we will produce a white paper report that can be used by Pearson College to further their development. These projects cover a range of topics such as assessments, communication, teaching etc. The idea is that we assess what PCL currently does as well as what other universities and organisations do and incorporate this with student feedback to try and improve the way we do things at PCL and continually ensure we are moving forward.The project that I am working on is focused on communications. We will be working with students from UCL (University College London) as well as different organisations to better understand their communications processes and how we, as Pearson College, can better the way we communicate internally as well as externally.

It is hard work but very rewarding and offers so many different opportunities and ways to expand your knowledge and skills.


Every year, we choose Student Co-creators to help shape our degree programmes. Fancy becoming one? Find out more here 

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