IBM Industry Day!

By Jawad Chady, first year Business management student  

There I am walking along the South Bank of the Thames, taking in the morning breeze, going to IBM I arrived at this lovely white and blue learning center, where the Smarter Planet symbol and the inscription ‘Let’s build a smarter planet’ is on the wall. Imagine at that moment the excitement of just being there, and to add to that, the hospitality we received from IBM was excellent. 

‘Knowledge creates enthusiasm’ Thomas J Watson Sr.

I am sitting front row listening to David Stokes, who is the Chief Executive for the UK and Ireland, giving an inspiring talk on learning and innovation. I tell you what, I could just see at that moment that everyone in that room had a little twinkle of inspiration in their eyes. I felt privileged that IBM’s CEO for the UK would make time to speak to us students from Pearson College.  

"Forget Iron Man!" That’s what I thought when Duncan Anderson, European CTO for IBM Watson gave a talk and demo on Watson’s abilities and it’s future application. Now, who wouldn’t like to have Jarvis, which is Iron Man’s A.I butler/sidekick, as a personal assistant? I would!  Well Watson is the real deal. We’re talking cognitive computing, Watson is able to understand natural language, talk and see.     

After lunch, we got down to work in an innovation challenge. IBM and Pearson College coming together, to come up with some innovative ideas to inspire people to use technology. This was great fun, and everyone at IBM were fantastic. It was a pleasure meeting and working with them. The teams who had the chance to pitch their idea have all come up with some cool stuff. Overall it was a great Industry day facilitated by IBM, and I can’t wait for the next one.

I want to leave you with this quote form a great innovator, which resonates deeply with me:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time - Sir Thomas Edison


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